The Swiss hotel industry has always enjoyed a worldwide reputation. I have compiled my five favourite Swiss hotels – from family-run bijoux to luxury resorts. This list is neither objective nor exhaustive nor set in stone for all time.

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Hotel Des Balances, Lucerne
Sure, I’m a little biased at the Hotel Des Balances – after all, we celebrated our wedding party here in 2013. But the four-star hotel does not need to shy away from comparison even with objective criteria: perfect location in the heart of Lucerne’s old town, historical flair combined with modern design, magnificent facades (see picture below), attentive service, lively bar, good food (14 Gault Millau points) and a sensational breakfast buffet that can be enjoyed on the balcony with a view of the world-famous Chapel Bridge when the weather is fine. We always like to come back when we are in my hometown Lucerne.

Other restaurant tips near the hotel: Restaurant Reussbad (16 Gault Millau points), Restaurant Geissmatt

Hotel Des Balances, Lucerne, Switzerland

Hotel Bellevue des Alpes, Kleine Scheidegg (Jungfrau Region) The Hotel Bellevue des Alpes is one of the few remaining Grand Hotels of the nineteenth century, the birth of tourism in the Alps. Those who enter the building from 1840 through the wooden revolving door embark on a journey through time: most of the interior dates from the 1920s, the waiters serve dinner in a white dinner jacket, instead of guest WiFi there are wonderful salons and in the charming bar one would not be surprised if Winston Churchill came through the door. The fact that the hotel can only be reached by train (right next to the “Kleine Scheidegg” station of the Jungfrau Railway) also fits the experience. After all, the whole thing is played out against the spectacular scenery of the world-famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau triumvirate – the stay in the family-run hotel can therefore be perfectly combined with a trip up the Jungfraujoch or with skiing on the legendary Lauberhorn downhill run. The only drawback are the rather proud prices (double rooms from CHF 380 incl. 4-course dinner and breakfast buffet). Nevertheless, I would not want to miss the experience under any circumstances.

Hotel Bellevue des Alpes in front of the Eiger North Face

Boutique Hotel Krone, Regensberg (near Zurich)
If at some point in my life I want to run my own small hotel: at the Boutiqe Hotel Krone Regensberg I would get inspiration and try to copy as much as possible;-) The rooms are individual, spacious, modern and quiet; the cuisine is excellent; the service is friendly, attentive and personal – the motto “Coming home to friends” is absolutely true. I particularly like the fact that the hosts have the courage to forego a breakfast buffet that has become standard. Instead, a selection of bread, cheese, meat, fruit etc. is available on the table and you are individually asked for further wishes. The only possible disadvantage is the somewhat remote location a good half an hour outside the city of Zurich (and about twenty minutes from the airport). In the pretty medieval country town of Regensburg there is hardly anything to do – so you have even more time to enjoy the hotel and the peace and quiet.

Excursion tip in the surroundings: Hike along the Jura Crest Trail over the scenic Lägern ridge to Baden.


Hotel Villa Carona, Carona (near Lugano)
Italian-speaking Ticino is the sunshine parlour of Switzerland – here Italian culture and joie de vivre meet Swiss quality. The Hotel Villa Carona belongs to several thematic networks that well describe the essence of the family-run three-star hotel: Swiss Historic Hotels, Garden Hotels Switzerland, Romantic Hotels. Hermann Hesse spent many hours in the 200-year-old Ticino patrician house outside the city of Lugano. The showpiece of the hotel is the spacious garden, where you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast, relax on sun loungers or bathe in the hot pot filled with 39 degrees warm water.

In the Lugano region there are countless possibilities for excursions, for example to the city of Lugano itself (a quarter of an hour away from Carona), to Monte San Salvatore or on foot or by boat to the beautiful villages and Grotti (rustic restaurants with local specialities) on Lake Lugano.

Hotel Villa Carona near Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland

Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort, Obbürgen (near Lucerne)
Where Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren used to go on holiday, you can let yourself indulge four hotels, ten restaurants and bars as well as a 10,000 m2 spa since the end of 2017. From almost everywhere in Bürgenstock Resort in Central Switzerland you can enjoy a breathtaking view over Lake Lucerne, the city of Lucerne and the mountains. We stayed at the Palace Hotel (4* Superior), which tastefully combines elements of the historic 1903 Grand Hotel (facade, lounge, restaurant) with the modern (rooms, conference rooms).

Detailed report about this hotel in my blog post “5 Sterne Hotel Luzern

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