Valentine’s Day is a few days away!  If you haven’t already called your local florist for Valentine’s Day flowers yet, now is the time to get your order in.


Buying flowers at a gas station, street corner, floral wire service, order gatherer or supermarket it’s all the same right? No, defiantly not!

When purchasing flowers from your local florist know that you are getting the utmost attention, and expertise behind your floral arrangement.

Florists have devoted their whole career to offering the best floral products with top-notch flower processing and care to ensure the longevity of your flowers.  Also buying local ensures small businesses succeed in your community, therefore, enriching your local area.

  • Florists are super cool, friendly & helpful.
  • Prompt beautiful flowers whenever you like- masterfully designed.
  • You will get the most value for your money spent on flowers.
  • Guaranteed flower delivery without charging you more or canceling your flower order.
  • Quality flower processing for a long-lasting floral arrangement.
  • Ensures you are getting the freshest high grade, long-stem roses, and flowers.
  • Florists work within your budget.
  • Florists care about you and making your recipient happy-they want your return business.

Trust in the dedication your local florist pours into their flower business, ensure a beautiful quality floral product is hand-delivered this Valentine’s Day and for futures holidays and occasions for your recipients.


Most Valentine’s Day floral shoppers like yourself buy flowers online. Without even realizing you may be buying blooms from floral wire services and or floral order gatherers website thinking you are purchasing from a real local florist. If there are more things on your list and you would like to have a chat please feel free to contact flower delivery richmond bc 

Unfortunately, this is not the case, what you are doing is buying flowers from a flower broker. Sounds pointless right? Well, indeed it is pointless and also big business, so you are paying a middle man extra $$$ only to have your local florist receive the floral order from the broker and fill your flower selection for about 17-40% less of what you paid.

If you are unsure of what a  floral order gatherer looks like on Google/search engines take a look below – you will see that they use tactics that imply in their keywords that they are your local florist, don’t be fooled they are not!

Furthermore, if no local florist agrees to fill your Valentine’s Day flower order you will be left empty-handed or shall we say your recipient will.

Order gatherers do also post search engine ADS if you are unsure if this is a local REAL florist click on their website and go to the Contact Us page- every local florist has an address listed if you don’t see an address feel to give them a call and ask them directly before placing the order.

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