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USPS is the United States Postal Service and is the federal division of couriers. It also goes by other names like the Post Office, US Mail, or national postal services. It is an entirely independent agency of the executive branch in the US Government. It is used by people working in the postal service all across the US. The USPS has been around since the early days of 1775. It is a constitutionally mandated government agency. Today we are going to learn about Liteblue. It is the website used for internal communications within USPS. Every employee has access to an online employee ID and password to access the site. This website is used to connecting teams working in the same service all over the country. To know more about this service, go through this article. We will provide you with all the necessary information. 

Features of Liteblue:

The USPS Liteblue helps to deliver mail in the most developed country. The US sees the most considerable amount of mail-in comparison to any other country. The website helps to visit over 157 million addresses across the country in a year. The platform is built for 7.5 million employees.  

There are 500,000 careers and 150,000 noncareer based employees. All of them can access the employee’s only portal. The web service portal is up for years now. Here are some key features and uses of the platform. 


The website harbors all necessary information regarding employees. It is the all in one resource hub for any requirements that the federal reserve might have. People with correct authority can connect with other employees. It manages all the services and details. It includes the major public directories of all workers. 


The Liteblue portal website helps to keep all other online portals in sync. It is the one-stop for all the workers. The website will allow you to easily connect with other employee divisions like payroll, taxes, tracking, post ease, business to customer gateways. 

Job tracking 

The online platform allows you to keep track of all the work that you are doing. Through the dashboard, feature employees get to know what is pending. Users can also track the status of any shipment. It contains all the necessary information regarding mail orders. 

Project details 

The website is used to assign and receive new projects. Depending upon your hierarchy in the organization, you can flow down information. Automatic schedules done are also checked. 


Through security tools, you can remain safe online. The website keeps all of your personal information intact. In the 21st century, sensitive information is the most valuable resource. The website using HTTPS encryption of the latest standard. 

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