Hair problem is what everyone is going through in one way or the other. If you are obsessed of how your Hair look and its quality, feels like crying when ever to touch your head and see hair fall in your hand. Yes we can understand your pain and you are not alone, we are all in this together, and will try to find a solution together.

      Whenever we meet anyone, usually their Hair is the first thing we observed, cleaning your Hair regularly and making sure it looks smooth and shiny is very important, so to give the right impression on the other person, as we all agree, the first impression is the best impression so taking care of our Hair is very important. It will help us take the right step to the world in anything that we do.

      Making sure that our Hair is not dehydrated is very important since that will lead to breakage, dullness, and dandruff so all these problems starts from inside out, so using the right moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner can help this cause.

      Dandruff can be a cause of many reasons, one of the main reasons we the people of India are facing is due to Air pollution, the hot and dry air, all these plays a role in our Dandruff problem so choosing the Right brand and product plays a very important role in whether our problem will be solve or not.

      We all have this mindset that all Shampoos are the same and that is completely wrong , because using a low quality shampoo and other hair care products is very harmful, because the chemical quantity , the ingredients use all these are very important because unknowingly we might spoil our own Hair.

      So now the main question is, then which Brand and Product should we choose. Here we will touch a bit on the Brands that save to try on, one point to remember , one’s skin condition is different from the other , the same one’s solution will be different to the other. So we need to try and see which Brand and products suits us. Here are a few Brands that are same for you to try.

      NICCI Skin Care

      Here is a very promising Brand that is growing by leaps and Bounds in these last few years. Using High grade ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients.

      The Body Shop

      Body shop is using 100% natural ingredients for their product that the reason they are one of the most Trusted Brand. They are very good in caring for different skin type. Have good Hair care products.


      A Brand that is really on the Rise, famous for its hair care and skincare product and it is the best and cheaper alternative compared to other organic brands.


      When it comes to Hair Care Brands, Tresemme is always in everyone’s mind, and their hair fall Control defense Shampoo works perfectly, won’t regret trying it.

      OTHER Brands:

      Dove, Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Garnier are also worth trying.

      Best Brand for Hair Care Product

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